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Find her before she fades away

you're growing up unstable

Natalie Goodman
8 October 1989
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Goodman, Natalie.
16 years old
Brown hair, Brown eyes, Average height
Mother, Diana Goodman; serious depression, prone to suicide and hallucinations
Father, Dan Goodman; attempting to hold the family together
Brother, Gabriel Goodman; Deceased.
Boyfriend, Henry; student and so called "stoner"
Patient has exhibited signs of paranoia that she may become like her mother. To combat these feelings, patient has turned to drugs, alcohol, and partying.

Natalie is from the musical Next to Normal, by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey. I can't take credit for this brilliance.

Natalie is taken from somewhere between the end of act one, and her big number, Growing Up Unstable, at the beginning of act two.